6 x 6 Fundraiser

August 6, 2020- Vada Sheid/ ASUMH, 6:00 pm

“6 x 6″ @ 6:00  ANNUAL FUNDRAISER


unfinished canvases are handed out to area artists and “celebrity” artists (local business owners). They then donate the finished canvas completed in medium of choice and these “master pieces” offered at silent aution during the fund raiser evening.  Monies go to support the Women Artist Retreat, Fall Workshop, and scholarship grant.

The 6 x 6 @ 6:00 is free to the public and refreshments served. 4 artists will be painting live during the event and these larger paintings are offered at live auction.

Stay tuned for 2020 sneak preview……

2019- 6 x 6 @ 6:00 a some of the canvases offered at silent auction

Round Robin painters- 2019

Trish Corder

Luanne Stone

Regina Willard

Eva Haley


2018- 6 x 6 @ 6:00  some of the canvases offered at silent auction


2018 Round Robin Artists

Christy Lawrence                               Jerry Preator                                      Barbara Robinson

Deborah Lively


2017 Round Robin Artists- Painted during  the 6 x 6 @ 6:00 event and paintings auctioned in live auction at end of evening. ( L to R)

Jim Tindell, Dana Johnson, Beth Ivens, Jeanne Roth

2016 Images

Photo 1                                                                                Photo 2

Photo 3                                                                             Photo 4


Photo 5                                                                                  Photo 6

Photo 7                                                                               Photo 8

Photo 9                                                                                  Photo 10

Photo 11                                                                              Photo12

Photo 13                                                                               Photo 14

Photo 15                                                                                Photo 16


Photo 17                                                                         Photo 18


Photo 19                                                                                 Photo 20



Photo 1- Top- Bobbie Hanson, MR- Beth Fern, ML- Alberta Orlove, BR- Joy Tegels, BM- Dorthy Anderson, BL- Barbie Graham

Photo 2- Top – Carol Wulf, MR- Gail Clark, ML- Gail Clark, BR-Gail Clark, BM- Barbie Graham, BL- Gail Clark

Photo 3- Top-Jerry Preator, MR- Mary Metcalf, ML- Carol Wulf, BR- Eva Haley, BM- Luanne Stone, BL- Eval Haley

Photo 4- Top- Dottie’s Stanined Glass, MR- Debralee Alexander, ML- Sherri Groves, BR- Carol Jones, BM-Luane Stone, BL- Jerry Preator

Photo 5- Top- Alberta Orlove, MR- Joy Tegels, ML- Sheila Donley, BR- Erica Mize, BM- Sandy Cameron, BL- Nora Ann Klinger

Photo 6- Top- Leslie Love, MR- Barbara Klemish, ML- Marty Mace, BR- Carol Scott, BM- Dan Cohee, BL- Fran Sabia

Photo 7-  Birds by Jim Tindall, Flowers by Jeanne Roth

Photo 8- Top Emilie Book, MR- Deb Turiniski, ML- Brenda Dover, BR- Lisa Gordon, BM- Harvey Middleton, BL- Lisa Gordon

Photo 9-   Ironwork by Jim Davis

Photo 10- Clay Sculpture by Larry Ehrke

Photo 11- Top  Madeleine Litton, MR & ML- Deb Peterson, BR- Deanna Anderson, BM & BL- Valerie Doyle

Photo 12- Basket by Judicious  Spirits

Photo 13- Basket by All Pet’s

Photo 14- Basket by Debby Stanuch

Photo 15- Leaves by Ara Banks, Dog & Cat by Charlotte Barnhart

Photo 16- Top- Laurie Kollins, MR- Meg Simons, ML- Fran Sabia,  BR- Anonymous, BM- Becky Linder, BL Linda Gonzales

Photo 17- Basket by Infinity Salon and Spa

Photo 18-  Megan Lewes

Photo 19- Top- Jane Van Boskirk, Bottom- Dana Johnson

These canvases are from past years. They were bid on but not picked up.

Photo 20- Top Tina Tillotson, MR- Ara Banks, MM- Patsy Inman, ML- Janet Emery, BR- Gail Clark, BM- Dan Cohee,BL- Dorothy Anderson