Current Art Exhibit

ORAC Schedule for Monthly Exhibits- 2019
January Open Call Continued
February 4-Feb 7-Feb 4-Mar DavidĀ  Marsico painting
March 4-Mar 7-Mar 1-Apr Teri Conrad Photos
April 1-Apr 4-Apr 6-May Sandy Luna Painting
May 6-May 9-May 3-Jun Meg Simon/Alison group
June * 3-Jun 6-Jun 1-Jul MHHS- full Gallery group
July 1-Jul 11-Jul 5-Aug Jerry Preator Painting
August 5-Aug 8-Aug 3-Sep Palette Art League group
Sept 3-Sep 5-Sep 1-Oct Hill and Hollow Quilting Guild group
October 1-Oct 3-Oct 4-Nov Jan Kalz A. Ink
Nov 4-Nov 7-Nov 2-Dec D. Lively/D. Johnson/M.Kiefer painting
Dec 2-Dec 5-Dec 3-Feb Area Art Club group


ASUMH- The Sheid- The Art Gallery 2018 Monthly Exhibits








April – Madeleine Litton

May – Marie Wagner

June- Mountain Home High School

July- Yun Kim

August- Palette Art League

September- Sandy and Bill Barksdale

October- Area Art Club

November- Emily Kenney

December 2018-January 2019- Open Call of Artists


October 2017- Area Art Club




Jeanne Louise Chauffe


  • 2017

March Exhibit- Spring River Art Guild- Hardy, AR

April Exhibit will be Barbara Robinson

May Exhibit- Celebrating the Animals of the Military

June Exhibit- Mountain Home High School

July Exhibit- Open for exhibitor

August Exhibit- Hill and Hollow Quilting

September Exhibit– Larry Ehrke

October Exhibit- Area Art Club

November Exhibit- Jim Trindel

December-January 2018- Open Call to Artists