Art Exhibit Archive

Evelyn Giannopto Feautred Artist – February 2020

Evelyn  Giannopto , is a studio painter but enjoys the outside world, its nooks and grannies, rocks and flora, sky, water and nuance of shadows. Oil painting medium allows her to play with layers of color or light. She has conversations with a piece in progress, a journey from start to finish. Evelyn,(Evie),  moved to Flippin, Arkansas in 2014. She enjoys the near by fishing, gardening, and painting in her studio. Giannotto grew up in the lower Hudson River Valley of New York. Evie was always attracted to drawing and, in her teens, began oil painting.  It has since become her medium of choice, she continued her art education at New Paltz College.  Later moving to the Adirondacks, landscapes were her favorite.  A move to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the 80’s opened opportunities for resources, exhibits, shows and representation. Evie is a studio painter but enjoys the outside world, its nooks and grannies, rocks and flora, sky, water and nuance of shadows. Oil painting medium allows her to play with layers of color or light. She has conversations with a piece in progress, a journey from start to finish. Presently, her work may be seen at The River Gallery in Cotter, Arkansas and Flippin City Offices. Many of her paintings are in private and corporate patrons on both coasts, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico and Arkansas.


Area Art Club Featured Artists- December 2019-January 2020

The Area Art Club focus is to stimulate and promote community interest in the visual arts, to assist and encourage artists, and to award scholarship to deserving local art students.  The Area Art Club meets the second Thursday of every month at 1:00 pm, at Saint Andrews Church on Coley.  All interested individuals are invited to attend and join


Featured Artists Jan Kalz- October 2019

Jan Kalz is a local artist who enjoys working in the unique medium of alcohol inks. Kalz has been developing her art style for the only a few years, which she describes as “organic-abstract”. Many components of her paintings mimic designs found in nature with an abstract twist.
When you look at Jan’s paintings they are so diverse and different from one another it’s hard to believe they are from the same artist. Jan uses various tools to create different textures and techniques to experiment with how they interact with the ink. The ink  is alcohol based and by introducing pure alcohol it can increase or decrease the color intensity and allows more working time. This ink is very hard to control and dries very quickly. Every piece is a new learning experience on how to manipulate the ink before it dries. Many of her pieces she describes as “happy accidents11 • Most of Jan’s paintings are created on synthetic Yupo Paper which allows the ink to float and glide across the surface. Kalz enjoys introducing various components such as metal, glass, acrylic paint, markers, stencils and resin to create visual interest in each paintings and by introducing  a variety of components her paintings are one of kind designs.


Jerry Preator featured Artist- July 2019

Jerry Preator began drawing when he was six years old (copying from comic books). When Preator was thirteen a woman artist said, “you’re a good artist, why don’t you put color with your artwork?” She taught painting, so Jerry began painting. When Preator finished serving the Navy he used his GI bill to study at the Kansas City Art Institute to see if he could “really” be an artist. Preator loves teaching art and painting—-especially to people who think they can’t paint. “I feel everyone has the ability to create, it just needs a chance to emerge.”  Jerry enjoys painting a wide range of subjects, scenery, animals, the sea, winter scenes, and the woods, his favorite subject matter is animals. Preator has also studied under Tony Couch, and was commissioned by Charles Reid to paint 90 paintings for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Jerry feels he is still growing as he observes the world around him.


Sandy Luna featured Artists- April 2019

The Ozark Regional Arts Council would like to extend an invitation to the community to the opening of the featured artist, Sandy Luna exhibit. Luna lives in Mountain Home, Arkansas. She enjoys painting in both acrylics and oils with a passion for painting wildlife and landscapes. She loves trying new art techniques such as wood burning, water colors, and pencil sketching.A “Meet and Greet” reception will be held Thursday, April 4, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, at  the Vada Shied Community Center on the ASUMH campus in Mountain Home,  The Gallery is located on the floor of the Center.  There is no charge for the exhibit and refreshments will be served.


We apologize to our featured arttists that many press releases are missing.  We are trying to recover them and will be added as we find them.


Emily Kenney Featured Artist- November 2018

“I began drawing and painting at the young age of 8 (as per my mother’s remembrance).  I’ve had my hand in art in various forms throughout my life. Sculpture, drawing, pottery and painting were all things that I tried but I have only been actively painting since retiring and moving to Mountain Home.”

Emily first started with acrylic and then moved to watercolor and mixed media. She tries to be versatile in her paintings, not wanting to be repetitive in style or subject matter.

“Portraits are a favorite of mine but I paint a variety of things. From landscapes and wildlife to abstract, mid-century modern and fantasy and commissioned works,  it all starts with a blank canvas.  Always hungry to learn, I took classes at ASUMH and continue to tutor under local artist Jerry Preator. I also teach art to others at my studio, Down the Rabbit Hole Studios”


Sandy Barksdale & Bill Barksdale Featured Artists- September 2018

Pigment And Pixels is a joint exhibition of artworks by Sandy and Bill Barksdale. Sandy paints and Bill is an outdoor photographer. The collection of work in this exhibition represents new explorations and expanded horizons in their respective forms of creative expression. Sandy is recognized in the art world for her use of bold, bright colors. Her paintings are interpretations of her thoughts, personal experiences and reference photos of things she observes. “It can take me as long as two months to create a painting from conception to finish,” she explains. “I love the planning and thought processes required, but I’m often hesitant to start a painting. I sometimes fear that the results of putting that first brushstroke of color on paper might not be perfect. But once I get beyond that hurdle, I enter a world of my own, oblivious to everything around me except color and design. “When I began painting, I never thought I would one day share my art with friends and others. I painted for pleasure and relaxation; then it became a passion and turned into a way to exercise my mind while creating a world of color.” When she and Bill moved to Cotter in 2004, Sandy was a catch and release fly fisherlady. She loved casting flies on the White river for trout with her husband and friends, but soon realized she was mesmerized by the scenery and sounds of the river. It wasn’t long before she retired her fly rod to pick up the brush and focus on capturing the beauty around her with paint.

Bill has photographed agriculture and nature subjects for more than six decades. His agricultural images are used primarily in editorial and advertising applications. Since he and Sandy moved to the Twin Lakes area, Bill has increased his emphasis on nature photography while confining his agricultural imagery to a few specific projects. “When I review and critique my images periodically, I realize that my work represents a matrix of contrasts,” Bill says. “My work in agriculture is primarily straightforward, because that’s what the clients and market require. “Many of my adventures in nature photography are the opposite. Instead of simply documenting a scene or subject, I pursue approaches that will heighten the viewer’s


Terry Zarake- January 30-February24, 2017

“Art is magic,” says artist Terry Zarate. Zarate finds inspiration for her painting from her muses – cats, the moon, mythology, women, and trees are but a few. However, she also sees her art as a more profound concept than just painting a pretty picture. “My art is a total all-consuming part of me. I cannot imagine a life without art,” she said. Many of her ideas and inspirations come from dreams and visions during periods of meditation.

Though she prefers working in oil, Zarate also works in pencil and watercolor..

Zarate has devoted her life to creating and sharing her work with the world. She has been included in many juried exhibitions, worked on commission, and had one man shows in galleries, libraries, and the Vada Sheid Community Center in Mountain Home, AR. “I work every day in my art,” she says. “Creating art is spiritual to me. I feel so fortunate to be an artist.” Zarate has won awards for her art and is included in the Arkansas Artist Registry.

Terry Zarate’s work can be viewed and purchased on her website:, And her work can be seen in her studio and home gallery by appointment to anyone interested – 870-453-6123,


Barbara Robinson Featured Artist- January 2016

Art has the power to make one see things in a new way.   I sometime see my landscape paintings as   “Aloof”, “Whisper” or “Imagine”.   I might be inspired by a walk in the woods, a hike along the Buffalo River or a road trip through the countryside.  It’s not about that particular scene, it’s about how I feel about it and how I imagine it.  Although trees are my favorite subject, figurative and floral works also intrigue me. My figurative works are not portraits but about something I see in that person -  “Troubled”, “Regrets” or “Grace”. I photograph extensively for inspiration and reference or just to remember the moment, but I also rely on my imagination to shape my impressions.  Each of the places in which I have lived or visited has irrevocably stamped and molded the realm of my experience.  I choose not to limit my subject matter or approach.  The formal elements of a painting – it’s lines, shapes, forms, space, texture and value and the paint itself give the paintings their greater meaning.  Images of sweeping plains, fields and farmlands, forests and sky evolve onto the surface of my canvas, often with many layers of paint that are created with a palette knife.Whatever my subject matter, my frame of mind dictates what I choose to paint and how I paint it.  I use color and texture as well as the abstract shapes and patterns that evolve to convey that feeling.  I strive to keep my approach fresh and unformulated and subjects varied.   As each painting evolves, it develops its own character – unique and individual.  It’s personal and powerful.  My intention is to capture the essence and heart of the subject.


Bonnie Heenan

Exhibit Dates: July 2014

Her favorite subject is people portraits, with her Personality Plus Portraits, that include or depict something that the person enjoys.  She works in all media and she enjoys all subject matter and does all types of commissions.  She has participated in several one person shows including an exhibit at the Hill Country Gallery and a previous ORAC sponsored exhibit at the Vada Sheid in 2012.  She has participated in the Art Odyssey Studio Tour in 2012 and 2013.  She is a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society, White River Artists, Palette Art League and Ozark Regional Arts Council.

MHHS Art Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: June 3-30, 2014

The exhibit will include 34 artworks representing 32 Mountain Home High School students and their art instructors in the mediums of batik, watercolor and pen & ink.   EXHIBITORS: Grant Conner, Steven Switzer, Katie Hutchison, Shayla Wells, Kaden Harris, Timothy Lopez, Evan Webb, Rachel Bridgman, Tamisha Hickman, Linda Meyer, Brittany Grass, Monica Vasiloff, Rachel Arp, Tamsan Mora, JonPaul Reese, Jacob Estes, Tristan Caja, Tabitha Pinkston, Kaitlyn Strode, Michelle Last, Kyra Nugent, Ryan Pevril, Sam Reagan, Summer Webers, Bethany Maskell, Evan Hestley, Anastasia Kiljander, Jade Page, Savanna Biddle. Kaci Sowa, Montana Suscella, Abby Walden.  Art Instructors: Beth Ivens & Christy Lawrence

Ara Banks

May 2014

Local area artist Ara Banks art is a celebration of life and color.   Each piece she develops is an experiment in expansion of the use of materials.  While others have shared their analysis of her paintings Banks is more intrigued with the idea of stories developed from the paintings as every person she tries to capture indeed has a story to tell.

Area Art Organizations Presidents Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: March 2014

The Presidents- Trish Corder, SRAG President, Margie Beaver, AAC past President, Deborah Lively, ORAC President, Jeanne Roth, AAC past President, Sandy Barksdale, WRA President, Dana Johnson PAL and AAC President

Palette Art League Artists

Exhibit Dates: October 1-October 31, 2013

Several members of the Palette Art League, of Yellville,  will come together in one location with the finest of their original creations; Dana Johnson, Jo Rowell, Anne Crisp, Peggy Moody, Dan Cohee, Jack Ryan, Jane Ryan, Dorothy Anderson, Carole Jones, Jeanne Roth, Sandy and Bill Barksdale,  and Dan Harris

Area Art Club Artists

Exhibit Dates: September 3- September 30, 2013

Several of the artists contributing to this month-long exhibit were: Terry Zarate, Janet Emery, Sandi Barksdale, Deborah Lively, Marty Mace, Cynthia Malenshek, Elfriede Bower, Joyce Hitch, Karen Jones, A.J. Cantrell, Edith Thornburg and James Bell.  The exhibit includes paintings in watercolor, oil and acrylic.  Also exhibited are weaving, stitchery and embroidery.

Ava Art Guild Artists

Exhibit Dates: August 1- August 31, 2013

Twenty nine member artists who contributed to this month-long, multi-art exhibit were youth artists: Hunter Watson, photography, Noelle Ballor, paste, Lillie Ballor, pastels and clay, Nicholas Nantz acrylic, Alexa Sonnier, polymer clay figurines, Meagan Sonnier, painted rock and Aimee Raines, drawing; Missouri Best of Missouri Hands artists: Louise Walker, pottery, Regina Robertson, mixed media, specialty turkey feathers, Elizabeth Brown, Eliz Arts, multi-media, Celeste Prussia, specialty pottery; Oils/Pastels/Acrylic/Pencil artists: Donna Howard, Rita Fancher, Margie Smith, Jimmie Marler, Deb Lively and Candi Butler;  woodwork/carving artists: Harry McBride and Bev Vyskocil; jewelry: Ann Roberton, beading, Liz Jenkins, wire wrap, Vivian Haynes and Bev Vyskocil; fiber arts: Kathy Reser and Kitty Descoteau; photography/etchings: Richmond Smith, Teresa Dooms and Ana Felix; and metal: Jim Davis.

Carol Tormey Jones

Exhibit Dates: July 1-July 31, 2013

Carol Tormey Jones studied her art at the Art Students League, in New York City, at the University of London’s Sir John Cass College, and at Royal Academy.

One-woman and joint shows include the Country Art Gallery, Long Island, NY; The Noisy Oyster, New York, NY; Palm Beach Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL; The Black House, Searcy, AR; and the Cleburne County Arts Council, Heber Springs, AR.,  Arts and Science Center, Pine Bluff; Wings Over the Prairie, Stuttgart; The Palette Art League, Yellville; and The Casements, Ormond Beach, FL. Art publications include The Art and Artisans of the Ozarks, Volume I; Animal World, Daytona Beach, FL, and The Sensuous Carrot, an artists’ cookbook with The Country Art Gallery. Jones has permanent collections at the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff; The Donald W. Reynolds Library, Mountain Home; and Shea Stadium in New York City and Jones’s paintings are in private collections around the world. Jones writes and illustrating children’s books featuring “Princess Paisley,” and  “Busy as a Bee.” Jones is the creator of the “Storybook Chair” at the Donald W. Reynolds Library.

Mountain Home High School Student Art Show

Exhibit dates: June 3 – June 28, 2013

According to art instructors Beth Ivens and Christy Lawrence, the students, all MHHS sophomores, juniors and seniors, were enrolled in Art I through Art IV classes. The exhibit included works in Batik, oil, pastel, watercolor, color pencil, mixed media and pencil.

Exhibiting art students were seniors Tyler Miller, Trevor Baugh, Olivia Wakenight, Jackson Schmitt, Stacy Chen, Hannah Chapman, Alyssa Miller, Rebekah Kellum, Edward Lopez, Brittany Sims; juniors Faith Serrano, Shayla Wells, Monica Vasiloff, Steven Switzer, Kaden Harris, Savannah Babington, Rachel Arp, Katie Hutcheson, Tamisha Hickman, Grant Conner, Jessica Harrison; and sophomores Hank Lawrence, Brandon McMaster, Ryan Pevril and Summer Webers.

Duane Hada Student Exhibit

Exhibit dates:  May 8-31, 2013

The exhibit featured over 40 paintings by Duane Hada’s watercolor students Rebecca Hanson, Suzanne Frye, Shelly Anderson, Itinia Swafford, Ava Obert, Summer Obert, Debby Lively, Carol Scott, Brad  Gilliland, Mollye Davis, Jack Gilliland, David Tinkle who receive instruction from Hada on the ASUMH campus.

A native son of the Ozarks, Duane Hada, is both painter and passionate outdoorsman. Hada holds a BSE in art from the University of Central Arkansas and also has received certification from the Federation of Fly Fishers as an instructor, teaching both art and fly fishing at workshops, colleges and universities.

Exhibit dates:  April 4-30, 2013

Jim Gaston Photography

Photographer James “Jim” Gaston is recognized for his creative outdoor photography.  Gaston has donated numerous prints to the ASUMH college for students and the community to enjoy.

November 13-December 7, 2012

“When Mud Flies & Needles Sing”

Helen Phillips & Michelle Noonan

The exhibit made its debut at the invitational 2012 Artsfest held in June at Bentonville, winning the McCoy Award of Excellence-Best of Show for the artists’ creative collaborations.  Phillips and Noonan have combined their individual artistic talents to create mixed media works of art using the very best of clay sculpture and fiber art.

Phillips said, “Working together is a joy that brings a surprising spontaneity and productivity that is enhanced by each other’s creative point of view. When opposites interact something powerful and new emerges for the artists. Each artist is in control of their individual medium and suggests, but does not try to overtly influence the process.”

Helen Phillips, professional potter, clay sculptor and teacher, said she has devoted her life to art. She graduated with a B.S. University of Memphis, 1961, and a M.F.A., University of Florida, 1975. Phillips has been working in clay for over fifty years, teaching ceramics at many different places including the University of Central Arkansas. She has worked with potters in Asia and Africa, and now resides in Arkansas where she can indulge in her love of nature, which greatly influences her art.

Michele Noonan’s unique, functional fiber and mixed media art, such as intricately pieced wall art, handbags and totes, many incorporated with beads, lace and other materials that add to the item’s beauty, said she is influenced by her mother, who was raised in Puerto Rico and grew up in a culture where women were taught to sew by hand. Noonan said she takes a “no holds barred” approach to her art. “Art is a combination of body, mind and spirit.”

October 8 -November 9, 2012

Kristy Worthen Exhibit

Nationally known artist, Kristy Michele Worthen, is a multi-talented artist working in several mediums. She feels her artwork is both thought provoking and mysterious, and her paintings give the viewer the opportunity to see and feel things through a different perspective. The artist said she is influenced by such renowned artists as Picasso and Van Gough. Worthen said many of the ideas for her work are derived from everyday life, her dreams and visions.

Worthen took an early interest in art and has spent her life painting and helping others.  Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Worthen has made it her mission to raise awareness about mental health issues through her art and related events. Her creation of a special flag serves as a symbol of hope for all people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  The flag, which bears the symbol of a lighthouse, has flown over 20 state capitols and the Old District Office in Washington, D.C.

September 11-October 5, 2012

Terry L. Zarate – “Dream Worlds” Exhibit

Zarate uses a flowing and dynamic style to express her spiritual nature and views her paintings as windows into other worlds. She floods the canvas with the essence and richness of fantasy or dream-state worlds, a bit of mystery and illusion, supported by strong composition.

The artist said art is an all-consuming passion for her. She considers the act of painting a form of meditation and is as interested in the process as much as the finished piece.

Zarate’s art has graced galleries, exhibits and juried shows from California to New York throughout her life-long career, including locally, where she also has been a juried artist in the 2011 and 2012 The Art Odyssey, an annual studio tour of selected artists in Baxter and Marion Counties.

August 15-September 7, 2012

Arkansas Craft Guild and Invited Guest Artists

The seventeen local and regional artists exhibiting the finest of their original creations included:

Daniel Adams, prints, is a professor in the Department of Art and Design at Harding University and teaches printmaking, graphic design, art history and visual aesthetic courses

Beau Anderson, flame glass, is a student of all things creative, but pursues the elegant fluid expression of flame worked soft glass sculpture and glass bead making. He has demonstrated flame working arts in Europe and at his home in Stone County, Arkansas.

Linda Armstrong, sculptural clay and figurine artist, takes a lifetime of study with master artists in porcelain and stoneware clays and creates heirloom quality porcelain lace draped figurines and sculptural art. Her award winning creations are recognized for their realism of historical era fashion, delicate detail and the combination of soft and bold colors. Armstrong’s work is has been included in juried and non-juried exhibits and graces galleries and private collections.

Cynthia Cox, is a self-taught weaver who spends most of her weaving time creating rugs, bound weave hangings and simple clothing. She recently developed a passion for creating clothing which is colorful and texture rich, finding the possibilities endless

Duane Hada, painter and passionate outdoorsman paints from the heart to capture a special time and place in his watercolor and acrylic paintings of what he considers the unique wild and beautiful place that defines who he is and what he paints.

Sage and Tom Holland, glass flame art, are influential pioneers to the new wave of bead making. The results of their endeavors into the ancient craft of winding molten glass onto a rod that is then released, produces beautiful perforated wearable jewelry. The couple have provided class instruction in the art across the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Canada and they both teach at the Ozark Folk Center and the Arkansas Craft School in Mountain View.

Robert Patrick, blacksmith, and Mary Patrick, fiber and mosaic glass artist combine their talents in many unique pieces using Bob’s blacksmithing and Mary’s basket artistry to create original baskets, or his abilities in hand forged metal combined with her mosaics for beautiful art work and accessories for the home.

Joellen “JP” Rosenquist, silversmith, has been a serious student of the arts most of her life. She began her apprenticeship with a Navajo silversmith in New Mexico in 1975, and has been designing and making original silver jewelry since.

Anni Worster, clay artist, creates free-form sculptures and functional art pottery. A deep appreciation of the beauty in nature is reflected in the permanent visuals she creates in clay. Her artistic style is recognized for its influence of Renaissance, romance, realism, fantasy and bold color combinations and contrast

Liz Gamelin, potter, creates both wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery and expresses her love of nature and gives her work an organic “feel” in both her functional and sculptural pieces.  Inspired by nature, the artist adds embellishments to reflect that inspiration in her creations.

Deborah Lively, painter, photographer, illustrator and author. Her work has received numerous prestigious awards and is included in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and South America.The Donald W. Reynolds Library in Mountain Home purchased two of Lively’s pastels for its permanent collection.

Deborah Mitchell, ceramist, is a sculptor working predominantly in high fired stoneware. Mixed media components, such as metal, glass and found and manufactured objects, are often included in her Warrior and Shields series. Her works give emphasis on clay’s inherent properties and is considered the primary motivator for discovering the expressive form within the raw material.

Michele Noonan, fiber artist, creates unique, functional fiber and mixed media art, such as intricately pieced wall art, handbags and totes, many incorporated with beads, lace and other materials that add to the item’s beauty. Her work is heavily influenced by her mother, who was raised in Puerto Rico and grew up in a culture where women were taught to sew by hand.

Helen Phillips, professional potter and clay sculptor, has devoted her life to art, working in clay for over 50 years, and teaching ceramics at many different places including the University of Arkansas. She has worked with potters in Asia and Africa, and now resides in Arkansas where she can indulge in her love of nature, which greatly influences her art.

Meggan Worster, photographer, uses her natural talent to give a unique perspective and artistic expression to a wide variety of subjects, including people, animals and landscapes. She applies her skills to three-dimensional art and jewelry photography for artists’ portfolios. Her award winning photographs grace galleries and private collections, and have been included in juried and non-juried exhibits.

July 9- August 10, 2012

Ava Art Guild Artists

Ava Art Guild and Gallery, of Ava, Missouri, promotes art appreciation and education of all types of art in the Ozarks including 3-D art and photography along with traditional art-forms such as painting, drawing, and more. Organized in 1978 by local artists,  the Ava Art Guild has developed a community appreciation of art through art education classes, meetings, workshops and exhibits. The all volunteer organization is an active group of nearly 100 members.  The Art Gallery, housed in a  building owned by the Ava Art Guild, is a permanent gallery for the display of member’s art throughout the year, along with two judged art shows a year, and is the location for monthly meetings and workshops.

The Exhibit featured a selection of artworks by Ava Art Guild members including paintings, pottery, basketry, stained glass, art collage books, and photography.

June 11-July 8, 2012

“Watercolor Only”

Artist Duane Hada, who paints what he knows best – the Ozark landscape, its flora and fauna; Kathy DiGiacomo, who creates beautiful landscapes and florals; along with Jerry Preator, whose exquisite work in watercolor is renowned throughout the Midwest will be among the artists participating in the exhibit.

The exhibit also included artists Deborah Lively, Jeanne Roth, Sandy Barksdale, Jeanne Engeler Bachman, Virginia Haines, Sharon Berfanger, Cynthia Joy Malenshek, and Rhonda Doerr.  The exhibit included over 30 watercolor paintings.

April 17-May 11, 2012

Hill Country Gallery Pastel Artists

The Exhibit  featured the works of 11 artists:

Cynthia “Joy” Malenshek, “mostly a self-taught painter” in water colors, oil, and other media, and has received awards for her original works.

Earline Pruitt works in several media, but favors pastels and has received awards for her painting through local art shows.

Victoria Raub works in acrylic, watercolor, oil and pastel.

Janice Elliott paints in watercolor and pastels which have won many awards and are included in private collections in the United States and Europe .

Joanne Forbes has painted or created in some form most of her life and enjoys acrylics, pastels and gourd painting.

Lisa Gordon enjoys taking art classes and workshops and favors pastels.

Joyce Hitch paints in oils, watercolors, pastels and acrylics, often combining pastels, acrylics and watercolors as a mixed medium.

Leah Bustamante Kelley, photographer and artist, enjoys pastels and has two award winning pastels being exhibited in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Bonnie Heenan has studied art and art appreciation in Paris, France and has been highly recognized for her works in a variety of media.

Kathy DiGiacomo has received many awards for her work, including the coveted Grumbacher Award.

Virginia Haines is primarily a watercolorist and her works have earned her artistic recognition.


March 13-April 14, 2012

“A Warrior’s Heart”- A Tribute to Women

The three-artist exhibit, by Anni Worster, clay artist, Meggan Worster, photographer and Linda Armstrong, lace-drape artist is a written and visual art exhibit including original stoneware and porcelain vessels, portraits and porcelain lace-draped figurines.

The theme throughout the exhibit is the inner strength, indomitable strength and courage of women as they go through life, accepting life’s challenges and overcoming hardships, adversity and heartbreaks, “fighting like a girl,” with faith, love, hope, charity, grace, determination and a warrior’s heart.

Ann Worster, clay artist, incorporates in her expressive stoneware vases the vision, figuratively speaking, that we are each born a ‘vessel,’ and we each wear an outer protective shield or ‘armor’ throughout our lives.

Meggan Worster, photographer, lends her unique perspective and artistic expression in very special portraits depicting the outwardly softer and feminine side of the females of our society at different ages and how inner beauty shines outward.

Linda Armstrong, porcelain artist, contributes intricate porcelain lace-draped figurines, depicting the outward femininity of women and girls comparing the delicate porcelain clay to the fragility and beauty of women, but inwardly strong of heart.


November 1-December 12, 2011

Cindy Davis Art Featured in Solo Exhibit

Davis, an accomplished abstract artist, expresses her unique view on aspects of life in her paintings. It has been said of Davis that she has the ability to take one along through her paintings on a magical walk through land-and cityscapes, with the ability to smell the fragrance of flowers in the air, or feel the warm summer breeze on one’s skin. The artist’s Dancer and Angels Series involve flowing twirling skirts with spinning dancers, and angels, with or without wings.

The Memphis, Tennessee born painter’s career began about eight years ago not so much as an unfulfilled childhood dream but as an adverse allergic reaction to spending the greater portion of her day in a beige cubicle, which began the search that lead her to art and an exploration into color, texture, composition and design.

Davis’s work has been exhibited throughout the southeastern United States, and she has had solo and group shows at Defoor Center, in Atlanta, The Albany Council for the Arts, Fort Valley State University, Phoebe Memorial Hospital, Turner Center for the Arts and the Georgia National Fair. She is a member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters and The Women’s Caucasus for the Arts and is featured in the area’s 2011 The Art Odyssey Tour.


October 10-November 14, 2011

“The World of Sidney Nisbet” Exhibit

At a glance, one is invited into the art of Sidney Marks Nisbet and compelled to stay awhile, captivated by the images of nature, merged and superimposed layers of exquisite photographs to become collage-like images. The effects become magical compositions of orchids and moon, or any combination of natural subjects that also produce that magical quality.

Nisbet, a Chattanooga , Tennessee native, now a resident of Melbourne , Arkansas , uses her love of orchids, her flower gardens and appreciation of natural subjects to inspire her photographic creations. It is said of the artist that it is not uncommon to see her stopping traffic or standing in a knee-deep pasture to get that perfect shot of a tree, which is then transformed into a moody and dramatic presentation.

The artist’s career began early, with her first exhibition experience at the age of 13. Her education includes the Chicago Art Institute and the Washington University School of Fine Arts. Her career has included working for Hallmark Cards and Lenox China , and free-lance designing for Corning , Sears, Taylor, Smith and Taylor and others. Nisbet has spent a lifetime painting, including during her commercial art career.

Nisbet’s artistic nature lead to the discovery of the amazing world of orchids, and she has spent 30 years collecting, exhibiting, competing and ultimately hybridizing her own crosses of the exotic flower, even becoming known across the South as “The Orchid Lady.” That discovery, along with “a consuming interest in photography with a heavy emphasis on nature” is seen in her photographic creations.


September 13-October 10, 2011

ORAC Exhibit to Feature Phyllis Bailey Art

The art exhibit will honor Phyllis Bailey, who passed away May 15, 2010, after a lengthy battle with leukemia. Bailey enjoyed painting and drawing in all mediums from watercolors to oils and charcoal. The artist’s paintings grace many homes and businesses in the Memphis and Mountain Home areas. Her works also include the original art for the ASUMH annual cards.

The Memphis-born artist grew up in Osceola. She attended the University of Memphis, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History. She also met Jim Bailey, while attending the university. They were married on July 18, 1967 , and raised two sons. Bailey also attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro , Arkansas , and received a Masters of Art in Studio Painting.

Jim Bailey said the couple moved to Norfork in 1995, and later his wife became a member of the ASUMH faculty, teaching art history and studio classes. He noted that his wife was voted the Faculty Member of the Year for 2003-04, and served as president of the Faculty Association. In 2009, Phyllis Bailey received the Educator of the Year Award from the Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce.


August 9-September 11, 2011

Arkansas Craft Guild Artisans Featured in Exhibit

The Arkansas Craft Guild exhibit featured over 30 original two- and three-dimensional works by 13 juried guild artists.  Artists participating in the Arkansas Craft Guild Exhibit were:

Daniel Adams, printmaking

Linda Armstrong, artistry of porcelain lace draping

Ramona Buss, basket artistry

Sue Coon, painting- oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors

David Dahlstedt and Becki Dahlstedt, functional and decorative pottery

Deborah Dreher Lively, painting and pastels

Liz Gamelin, functional and sculptural pottery

Jared Kauffman, curvilinear designs in wood

Jeanette Larson, fiber artistry

Deborah Mitchell, pottery and sculpture

Ann Snyder, painting and collage art

Anni Worster, functional art pottery and sculpture


July-August, 2011


June 13-July 11, 2011

Charlene Blackburn Featured Artist

Charlene Blackburn is a well known artist from this area. Blackburn’s art is mostly contemporary pieces in watercolors and oils.


May 16-June 10, 2011

Bonnie Marie Heenan Art Exhibit

Ozark Regional Arts Council  (ORAC) held its monthly “Artist Reception” on May 16th at the Vada Sheid Community Development Center.  Bonnie Heenan, a local artist, was present to visit with the public about her art on display till June 10th. The exhibit is a variety of oils, watercolors and photographs.

Bonnie Marie Heenan has won awards for her portraits and other art for two decades. The collection of former State Rep. Vada Sheid includes one of Heenan’s paintings, a still life in oil, and there’s one hanging in the capitol building in Charleston, W.Va., among many other places.